Helping Others

Each of my grandchildren get to enjoy “Only Day” with me where they have my undivided attention from 10am-7pm. They choose what to do, where to go, what to eat and so forth. One thing we do on “Only Day” is something to help others. Yesterday we decided we would clean out the Little Library at Brooksvale Park. Bravely my granddaughter helped hold “stinky” books and tried not to jump when moths flew out. I jumped and she thought that was hilarious! We swept out the cobwebs and took out ripped books and quite a few empty DVD/VCR cases. (?) As you can see, there is room for more. But please try to be considerate of all who make use of this library. Nature themed books are encouraged for all ages as well as G/PG rated titles in both fiction and non-fiction. Please stay away from books of an overly “adult” nature and religious pamphlets. And again, thank you to Eagle Scout Nick Farley who completed this project a few years back!

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