Cat – Not Cat

The photo with the black background shows a Fisher (Pekania pennanti) which is a wild animal and is NOT a pet. (Pic by Paul Fusco/CT DEEP) The other photo is a domesticated cat (Felis catus), the late Prince Caspian who spent 14 years being loved by our family. A Fisher is NOT a cat and a cat is not a Fisher. A fisher lives in the forest and Caspian lived in our house and sometimes lounged in the back yard.
The Fisher does not eat fish but loves squirrels, rabbits, mice, voles, fruits, and even porcupines! Caspian caught the occasional mouse and cricket but mostly loved Meow Mix and sardines as a special treat on Christmas morning. A Fisher usually surprises it’s prey where a cat will stalk it.
The Fisher prefers to be solitary except during breeding and though cats can be too, they also get along pretty well if each respects the other’s space. Baby fisher’s are called kits similar to baby cats being called kittens.
For a long time Fishers were non-existent in Connecticut due to forest logging and exploitation (the female pelts are sought after) but now, they’re back.
For more information check out the DEEP wildlife page on the Fisher and you are also encouraged to report a Fisher Sighting to the DEEP as well. But don’t report a cat sighting or their voice mail will be full before you can say “Meow”.

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