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Frog vs. Toad

Can you tell the difference between a FROG and a TOAD? There are 3 differences a casual nature observer can figure out. 1) Frogs skin is usually smoother and shinier but can occasionally have bumps. They like to live near … Continue reading

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Maple Sugaring Open House

Friends of Brooksvale Park, Inc. is excited to announce they will be volunteering at the annual Maple Sugaring Open House this Saturday, March 20 from 10am-2pm at the park. Presented each year by Hamden’s Recreation Department, this open house is … Continue reading

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That’s A Lot of Work

A family member saw the pic of the 5 little 4 oz. jars of finished syrup I posted this week. (I posted it on the FOB FB page too!) The comment was, “That’s a lot of work.” Sugarmakers get that … Continue reading

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