Trash Talkin’

“Boy, there’s a lot of trash along the canal.”

“I can’t believe how much trash there was when I walked with my friend the other day on the canal line.”

“I wish they would stop throwing doggie poop bags in the bushes.”

“Someone should really pick up this trash, it looks awful.”

Have you said any of the above while out walking in your neighborhood or along the canal trail? Have you heard anyone make those statements?

I have. And, I’ve made each one of them at one time or another. So now, I bring a bag or two with me and pick up what I can on my walks. Sometimes I get so much that I leave it near a spot on the canal where the litter crew from public works can come and pick it up. I drop them an email and let them know where it is.

Now’s your opportunity to stop the trash talkin’. Join other volunteers on April 24 to pick up trash along a section of the canal behind the middle school. If you can’t make it that day, bring a bag with you next time you take a walk and pick up just a few things you see blowing around or thrown in the roadside bushes. If we all did a little, it would be a lot.

Here’s a link to a couple of Earth Day opportunities the town has organized. Normally FOB has a table at the event at HMS but again this year it’s not possible. 2022 should be a biggie!

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