Coming Up

Here are a few things we wanted to give you a heads up about.

  1. Sheep Shearing is THIS Saturday, May 8, mid-morning near the animal barn. Sorry we cannot be more exact on the time but the shearer is making his rounds in our neck of the woods, so we catch him while we can. If you do decide to come out and hang around hoping to view the process as he gives our 3 sheep their yearly trim, PLEASE park in the small lot. The large lot will be for soccer parking on Saturday morning. The park is absolutely FULL as of late so be very cautious when driving in and out of the park. DO drive SLOW. DO WATCH for children, DO WATCH for pedestrians and cyclists crossing the drive from the lot to the farm.
  2. Our Annual Meeting will be held in the Pavilion at the park on Saturday, May 22nd at 2pm in the afternoon. We’d love to see many of you there to discuss future plans and share exciting news.
  3. CT Trails Day is Saturday, June 5, normally from 9-12 with projects of all sizes for all ages and abilities. More details to come as we finalize them.

We want everyone to have a fun and safe time at Brooksvale while working, playing or just plain chillin’. Thank-you for your continued support,

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Save the Date – Saturday, May 22 @2pm in the pavilion at Brooksvale Park.

CT Trails Day – Saturday, June 5 @ the park. Trails always need maintenance, other projects being planned too


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Wild Medicine

Wow! I really don’t think I’ll try using Bloodroot for anything other than looking at, but I will admit that I am fascinated by the sheer uses it has had through the years, especially in alternative medicine. It is said to cure everything from acne to heart ailments. I was told to look at it but not to touch it. The liquid in the stems and roots (rhizomes) is toxic. Herbalists use it to treat a variety of ailments but (as it says online) it is toxic if over used. Authorities even had to put the hammer down on Quack medicine purveyors in the 20’s because people were getting sick, really sick. I always wonder which person first tried these things and how many people got sick or died as they figure out what was beneficial and what wasn’t. I’ve learned that Native Americans watched animals to see what they were eating and I am sure more than one of them had a stomach ache or two over time. I’m glad I had “Clearasil” as a teen and will leave the leaves to the experts!

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