Is it a Raven?


Is it a Crow or is it a Raven is a question I was asked the other day. I found out in this instance it was indeed a Raven and that was quite exciting! Did you know Ravens can imitate sounds just like parrots? The Raven I was able to identify was at a feeder with a partner in crime. They are often in pairs where CROWs are CROWded together. See how I was taught to remember that by a 4th grade Science teacher? A group of Ravens is called a Conspiracy. There used to be a group who played minor league baseball in New Haven but that was a different species all together! Adolescent Ravens form gangs but eventually as adults they pair off. Well, you get the picture. Ravens are larger than Crows and they have a longer middle tail feather so when they fly it sort of forms a wedge. The neat thing if you can get close enough to notice? They have a bit of feather or “tuft” on top of their beaks whereas Crows don’t. And when the sun hits their feathers they shine bright. Crows are much duller in appearance. I’m no expert so please, go online and search for yourself. If you’re not into learning about birds you can always read The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe but I’ll warn you, watching Ravens fly is much more uplifting!

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