Plop, Plop, Frog

Green Frog

When a green frog is at water’s edge and someone or something approaches, it will leap into the safety of the water with a “plop” and let out a startled squawk. This alarmed squawk led to the green frog being called the “screaming frog”. I learned this on the Wildlife of CT site and was not at all surprised

We have an inground pool with a stone patio and I am convinced the Green Frog of CT has decided it is a pond and he is going to take up residence in it this winter. 4 times in the past 2 weeks I have scooped and taken out the SAME green frog from the pool. He has one marking on him that is distinct and I’ve seen each time. And, each time I have scooped him out less gently catapulted him with less gentleness and more thrust into the surrounding woods. He is a determined little guy.

The green frog is common in Connecticut. Its skin can be green (like my guest frog), brownish or bronzy on top with mottling. Green frogs can be 2 to 4 inches long. The one I’ve been dealing with is about 3″ long.

They like to live in permanent or temporary ponds, lakes and streams, and in marshes. Our pool is quite permanent but not appropriate for frogs. I really don’t want to swim with them, would you?

These aquatic frogs lounge in the water or perch on the banks or in my case on the hose from the vacuum that runs each evening. Feel free to visit them at Brooksvale Park as I am hoping the one in my pool is gone for good!

Many thanks to the CT DEEP for the photo and information about this slimy little resilient fellow.

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