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Cat – Not Cat

The photo with the black background shows a Fisher (Pekania pennanti) which is a wild animal and is NOT a pet. (Pic by Paul Fusco/CT DEEP) The other photo is a domesticated cat (Felis catus), the late Prince Caspian who … Continue reading

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First Timer

On Labor Day I invited my friend to hike at Brooksvale and explained to her the park is Hamden’s “other hiking destination”. (I’m on the right.) It may not be as challenging (most trails are easy or intermediate) or have … Continue reading

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Helping Others

Each of my grandchildren get to enjoy “Only Day” with me where they have my undivided attention from 10am-7pm. They choose what to do, where to go, what to eat and so forth. One thing we do on “Only Day” … Continue reading

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