October – Schmoctober

This morning my husband said something like, “This is the Neverending Story to the year that never was.” Another one I heard was, “I’m so glad it’s October especially since March was like…14 years ago.” Either way I’m sure you get my drift.

For the Friend of Brooksvale the year has brought it’s share of sadness and frustration which but also reasons to be hopeful and feel joy.

January and February came off without a hitch and we celebrated Spring with our Annual Maple Sugaring Open House. Then, things came to a screeching halt. Covid – Schmovid, blast it all! By the way I try valiantly to not utter swear words since I find the English language deserves much more respect. It may also be due to that one time I saw my sister get her mouth washed out with soap. I would never purposely type one in print (spellchecker can mess me up though) so you’ll have to put up with my choice of words here.

With sadness we said good-bye to member and president Fred McCarthy and planning is in the works for a memoriam in his honor in 2021. We will keep you posted.

CT Trails Day in June had to be cancelled which was a bummer as we’ve held it for many, many years with so many projects and friendships forming. Amazing how you can get to know a total stranger while you are literally up to your elbows in mud, dirt and debris cleaning out a drainage ditch on a trail. Trail work has not stopped though. Steve and scouts, Jess and his loppers, walkers and hikers, have all helped keep the trails blazed, neat and clean. At an FOB meeting this past week, Ranger Vinny assured us that the town tree crew would be working on the big downed trees, limbs and such, later this autumn and during the winter.

For the first time since Ranger Vinny came to the park (1999) we had the cancel the Fall Festival. We know this has been the norm throughout state and country and it just left a big hole in the hearts of us all. I particularly missed watching the children run and play and excitedly running to the garden’s pumpkin patch made so enticing by Pete and his volunteer gardeners. I missed eating a hot dog made by Robbie of Glenwood, drinking cider and eating ice cream from Kelly Stone’s Kelly’s Cone Connection and visiting Louie at DiSorbo’s to hear what calorie laden treat he just had to “make” me eat, right after I had already started good work on the popcorn from Kennedy’s Kettle Corn and sampling a few things at the FOB Bake Sale booth. Hard not to when it’ s the booth I’m working at all day! Sigh.

And now, I must sadly report that the Wreath Making Workshop held the first Saturday in December has also been cancelled. I think on December 2 at 10am I will invoke a moment of silence and shed a tear. I will also say a prayer for all of you who have participated with such joy each year and become friends. It is by far the most favorite of the fundraisers I participate in with FOB and I will miss it so much.

Stay tuned…more news to come. I just need to get supper ready!


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