Frog vs. Toad

Can you tell the difference between a FROG and a TOAD?

There are 3 differences a casual nature observer can figure out.

1) Frogs skin is usually smoother and shinier but can occasionally have bumps. They like to live near damp environments. A Toad’s skin is drier and more waterproof and can have wart-like bumps. They like to live near fields and woods and in your garden!
2) Eggs! Frog eggs are usually clumped together like a cluster of “googly eyes” and Toad eggs are in lines like a string of black pearls.
3) Body Shapes are very different between Frogs and Toads. Frogs are very agile. Their back legs when stretched out are longer than their head and slender body combined! They can jump long distances. A toad’s body is more stout and they move about from place to place on the ground sort of prowling around. Their legs are usually not longer than their body.
Remember: Their are exceptions to every rule and I am no expert on Frogs & Toads by any means. To see for yourself the many frogs and toads who call Brooksvale home, just head to the pond and sit for a bit. And…please, look but do not take anything but photos leaving everything in the pond that is supposed to be there.

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