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Take a Pic not a Plant – Please!

PLEASE…pLeAse, Puh-leeze DO NOT pick the wildflowers (or plants) that are blooming in the park. They are growing in the park where they are because they are in the perfect location THERE to do so. DO take pictures if you … Continue reading

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Trash Talkin’

“Boy, there’s a lot of trash along the canal.” “I can’t believe how much trash there was when I walked with my friend the other day on the canal line.” “I wish they would stop throwing doggie poop bags in … Continue reading

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Signs of Spring

So many signs of spring. Have you been to the park this week? Look out for Trout Lily near the pond, Skunk Cabbage near the stream that runs under the footbridge near along the Birding Trail and don’t forget to … Continue reading

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