Do you want to BEE Creative?

Do you have some art skills? Have some time off? Some of the boxes/hives in our Apiary at the park are in need of some love. If you would like to take on the task of giving one a fresh coat of paint email and Bee Keeper Pete will connect with you.

Design Guidelines

  1. Choose one box or a whole hive to paint. Outside only!
  2. A one week turn around is a MUST as they are in use often.
  3. Artwork needs to be nature related, upbeat, all age appropriate. NO political statements please. BEE Kind, BEE Nice. BEE Respectful. BEE Positive.

For info. on what kind of paint to use click HERE.

For Inspiration, here are some photos of a hive recently done by Noah, Ben & the Radcliffe family.

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