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Dear Friends & Members, We trust this note finds you well and ready to play outside now that Spring is showing its signs of arrival. The following is news from a meeting the officers had last evening. Have a sweet day and hope to see you on the 19th!

Saturday, March 19 from 10-2

ALL EVENTS & LEARNING STATIONS ARE OUT OF DOORS – Dress for the weather! Learn how the sap from the Sugar Maple trees at the park are turned into Brooksvale Gold (Maple Syrup).  Our goal in supporting this program at the park is EDUCATION first and foremost. Since we teach hundreds each year the process, we do bottle a bit of the syrup. Therefore, a limited amount of 8oz bottle of syrup will be available for an $8 donation on that day. Cash only. No credit/debit cards and there is no ATM at the park! 100% of the proceeds from the park’s syrup goes right back into the educational programs at the park. PLEASE NOTE: Limited means one per household while supplies last. We never have enough for everyone who asks. We do thank you for our enthusiasm though. Sugaring’ is totally weather dependent and with the snow and freeze, trees were tapped later than usual this year and there are signs of spring already shortening the “run” as it’s called. We will try to have 100% pure maple syrup for sale that day from other local sugar maker friends as well.

Saturday, April 23 from 10-3
Hamden Middle School

FOB has always had a table at the Earth Day event with exhibits to introduce people to all the park has to offer.  Hundreds “discover” the park for the first time each and every year. Some who have lived in town for decades! In the past there have been animal pelts, bird’s nests, trail maps, coloring sheets, activity pages and even a mystery Touch & Feel Box. A COUPLE OF VOLUNTEERS are needed to staff the table this year. Ranger Vin will provide you with the exhibits and the Friends group will provide the pop-up tent. This year’s even is all outdoors.CONTACT Ranger Vin at 203-287-2669 or email the park to say you’ll help.

A VOLUNTEER is needed to take over the MEMBERSHIP record keeping for FOB. It is fairly simple, already on an Excel spreadsheet and the person who accepts this small task will be helped by President Gail Traester as new/renewal memberships arrive. Respond to this email if you are interested or if you know Gail, tell her.

ARPA A letter is being written from FOB to the town giving input as to how ARPA funds could be used to fix up some areas of Brooksvale Park that have been neglected for years.  Examples follow:

  1. RESTTROOMS – A new restroom facility is sorely needed at the park as visitors have increased exponentially 12 months a year.
  2. BUILDINGS – The Historic Barn, Veteran’s Memorial Building – each need TLC
  3. PAVING – the roadways and parking lots have not been paved in over 25 years.
  4. POND – needs to be re-dredged and relined to restock and enjoy!

You as a citizen can also give them your input in support of the park via a public meeting (they will announce those) or simply by emailing

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